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[HeartsWar] Weekend Gachapon 18-24 June 2020

Gachapon rare item. 50THB for 1 time random. Special: every random 50 time. get Guarantee Mercenary Upgrade SS!! Today - 24 June 09:00 1 time can...

[HeartsWar] How to refill gachapon

1. Go to website PlayMall : https://playmall.playpark.com/Login.aspx 2. Choose ID type you has for refill PlayMall 3. In put id and login PlayMall 4. refill money to...

[HeartsWar] item shop

1.Login to Goblin Shop at https://heartswar.playpark.com/en-sea/   https://itemshop.playpark.com/shop/ProductList.aspx?gsName=ZU96RTFEdWpIeEpCWTNFZTFIU1dtQT09&gsID=WUE3R1FMajJzZUd2cEtYZm9jVEtGQT09 2.Login to Goblin Shop with Play ID (When you buy system support only play id) 3.Item Shop can paid with...

[HeartsWar] How to refill crystal by Playmall

Go to website https://heartswar.playpark.com/en-sea/ and click REFILL Choose "Top up To PLAYMALL" or Direct top up to the game Top up to PlayMall is online wallet....

How to log in HeartsWar.

Android After patch download will come to login page Press "Guest" button and select id type. 1.PlayID 2.GoogleID 3.FacebookID 4.GuestID Notice : You "must" login by Playpark, Google, Facebook. If login by...

[Heartswar] How to redeem code : Android and iOS

How to redeem code : Android Go to Menu > Setting > Option > Info Click "Coupon input" Put your 14-16 character code then click "Search" button. Complete....

Teams Up with Mercenaries !

has an interesting system in addition to upgrading your characters. "Mercenary" players will be able to venture out with two mercenaries.

“Job Upgrade” Become Stronger With Every Upgrades !

HeartsWar each job can be upgraded to a higher grade, such as players currently use Ronin C grade. It can upgrade to B, A, S ..., which can be eventually upgraded to SSS grade, but upgrades are not as easy as it sounds.

Make a Relationship with NPC and Unlock Support

players can improve relationships with all NPCs in town. To bring "Mercenaries" out together on an adventure!

Use “Support” System to Enhance The Team with Special Buff.

Support system is a system where players receive special buffs from NPC mercenaries, each of them gives a special buff.

“Crafting” System, Create Weapons and Armor by Yourself!

players can create weapons and protect themselves! The system is ideal for a variety of jobs. In each new job change, players may have difficulty leveling up because there are no weapons and protective gear to wear.

“Skill Upgrading” and How To Choose your Skills

HeartsWar each job can use up to 4 skills, each skill can be upgraded and replaced by another 3 variant of the same skills, but you can only select and use 1 from the 4 available.