Reward for Pre-register
** You will get Reward on OBT **
Gold 50,000
C-S / Can random to receive 1 C-S Class mercenary
1,000 Hearts
S weapon / Can random to receive 1 S-Class weapon
EXP / When used, will receive 1 Mercenary for level S upgrade merc
Headphone / Special headphone for Pre-register only
Total value more than 200 USD
" In an era that still has the magic, human world and the world of demons. Baldur, a human hero who was a member of Asgard defeated the demons. After his death, the demon tribe returned to invade the human world and the gods again. Under the leadership of the mad "Goddess Freya", the world is in a hopeless situation again. Unbeknowest to the mad "Goddess Freya" and the demon tribe... Part of Baldur's soul (HEARTS) is reborn again as you. Your journey as a hero begins... "
      Single sword fighters who're never afraid of evil. They are melee combatants (Melee) armed with a sword. Can damage monsters both single and in groups. They have a lot of HP and high physical attack power.
      Pirates love freedom above all else. They specialize in Agility (Speed) and use firearms as weapons. They can shoot targets well in single and all directions. They can also call out the big guns. Long range intense attackers.
      Mages use the power of elements for destruction. They are professional (Magic) users. They use magic to summon fireballs and ice shards to attack the enemy in wide range. They have less HP but have high magic attack power.
heartswar-sear heartswar-sear
JOB System of Main Character
    " In HeartsWar, the main character can change from 15 Jobs freely, depending on the player's preference. And each one has a rank from C to SSS. In the beginning of the game, 3 starter jobs can be selected as soon as the character is created and other JOBs will be acquired in various ways such as quests or bought with Hearts JOB switching is possible even during combat. Players can quickly change their JOB to suit their situation. Equipment will be set up with the specific job immediately. There is also a craftsman job which supports the player out of combat. It is also necessary to access the items and special functions of NPCs."
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Reliant Mercenary System
" Mercenaries or Mercs are companions that join you in your adventure. Mercs have various abilities and fighting styles. Having a lot of good mercenaries is the path to true strength. We can hire a lot of Mercs, but we can only summon 2 at a time. In addition, many Mercs also have buffs to support the team. Mercs will join us during the Story Mode. We can also find random Mercs from " Summon Card " For high level Mercs, they should be available only through Gifts or events."
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Fight Between Players
" Fight 1v1 and 2v2 in the PVP Arena, or make things more interesting with Winning Streak 3vs3 Auto-Match. No need to waste time for finding competitors. The rewards will be worth the effort ! "
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Guild and War Systems
" Bring your friends together and create a Guild and strive to be the strongest. Packed with Guild Buffs and a Guild Shop, it will help your guild members get stronger. Collaborate to defeat the brutal Boss in the Guild Raids, appearing each day for special weapon crafting material. As for Guild Wars, plan and fight to reach the top of the server together. Finally, only the Top 4 Guilds in the server can access Siege War. Protect the guild castle and grind your opponent to dust ! "
heartswar-sear heartswar-sear
Field Boss and Crack of Dimension
" Bring friends to face the field boss to win a box of S equipment and rare wings. Crack of Dimension is a surprise event. Watch the Dragon fly, then enter the dimensional door to get rid of it ! "
  • iPhone 6s or newer
  • iOS 8.0 or newer
  • CPU : Quad core 2.7GHz
  • Android 9.0 (Pie) or newer
  • Ram 3 GB